Tonight we’re welcoming our first dinner and bar guests of winter 2016-2017. The staff are bustling about and there’s a buzz in the lodge. Can’t wait!

We’re open for dinner and drinks as of 17:00 tonight, and opening in the morning at 9:00. Coffee, drinks and snacks for the morning, full-course lunches from 11:30-14:00, drinks and snacks from 14:00-17:30, when dinner service resumes. We’ll be open daily until the middle to end of April.

It’s no secret that the Alps are hurting for snow and we need at least one major snowfall before any of the off-piste is skiable. Disentis remains closed (although the practice slope beside Lodge Sax will open for the weekend). The scene in the photo isn’t from today, that’s for sure. It’s there for inspiration.

But there’s more to do on the snow right now than you might think. Here are three options:

  • Ski touring from some of the high passes. Mountain guide Paul Degonda of Alpventura and his friends and clients have been finding the goods.
  • Sedrun and Andermatt have reasonable skiing on machine-made snow, with Andermatt’s piste being open right to the valley floor. We’re told it’s in good shape.
  • Nordic skiing. The cross-country loipe at Sedrun is open and people are out enjoying the fresh air and getting fit for larger pursuits when the snows come.

We’ll be getting out there as soon as we can and we’ll report back our first-hand impressions.

Just a closing note on how we’re going to report things on this blog. We are committed to complete honesty. If we say the skiing is “reasonable”, it doesn’t mean you need to downgrade it to “barely acceptable” or “terrible”. We love to ski as much as anyone, and we won’t pretend something is amazing, excellent, epic, etc. when it clearly isn’t. We’ll keep those words for when we have 40 cm of fresh snow. Promise 🙂