With lifts rising 1,611 vertical metres (5,300 feet), lift-accessed day tours offering descents of up to 2,800 vertical metres (9,200 feet), and terrain naturally shaped for full peak-to-valley descents, Disentis is all about big-mountain skiing and riding.

Disentis is naturally shaped for peak-to-valley descents. In addition to obvious and accessible piste-side slopes that you’ll see on your first lift ride, three huge valleys – Val Segnas, Val Pintga and Val Gronda spill directly off the lifts and back towards the main valley. Each is large enough to hold an entire typical North American ski area, with dozens of individual “lines” that would have a separate name each.

Each valley funnels you naturally back to the main cable car (or to Lodge Sax). There’s no uphill work required, no lengthy traverses from around the back of the mountain, and no walking back to the lift back down in the valley. This naturally efficient shape, plus the end-to-end layout and speed of Disentis’s lifts, means that it’s realistically possible to rack up 10,000-12,000 vertical metres (33,000-40,000 feet) of great off-piste skiing/snowboarding in a single day.

Several additional major descents require a short book-pack or ascent on climbing skins or snowshoes. Two of these – Boscht and La Muotta – get you to more northerly-facing slopes that hold powder later in the season. The third is Val Strem – which, actually, is at least four distinct descents of their own. The Val Strem runs all funnel you into a broad U-shaped valley leading to the village of Sedrun, where you can continue skiing on the local lifts or return to Disentis via a short train ride.

There is plenty of other great off-piste terrain in and around Disentis, but this taste will be it for now. Once we get to know you, we’ll be pleased to provide more ideas, details and advice.

Remember, off-piste/freeride skiing and snowboarding pose significant alpine hazards. Skiers and snowboarders have been killed in avalanches on the very terrain we are describing on this page. Please only ride off-piste with proper avalanche safety training and equipment. If you are not thoroughly experienced and trained, please hire a qualified ski instructor or mountain guide. We know many of the best instructors and guides personally, and would be pleased to help you make arrangements. Talk to us!

You can pore over the off-piste terrain in detail by visiting the following site to view zoomable Swiss topographical maps.