From bringing kids as young as 2 ½ into our sport, to snowboard slopestyle contests and high-end private classes in advanced carving or powder, the Swiss Snowsport School Disentis does it all. It’s headquartered right inside our hotel building, with its practice slopes rising gently just outside our door. The school has been operating for more than 45 years, and its 70 instructors are as friendly and enthusiastic as they are proficient.

The school’s main focus is on kids. The youngest start off in Snowliland, where the emphasis is on age-appropriate care, games, fun and well-timed breaks, as well as gentle ski instruction. Real technique starts with the 4-year-olds.

Typically, kids in their third week of skiing can graduate to the mountain, experiencing the exciting cable car ride up to Caischavedra and then using the magic carpets and platter lift near the terminal building. After that, its onward to the chairlift.

Beginning adults also start on the practice slope, and usually graduate to the mountain after 2-3 days.

A day’s lesson for kids at the Snowsport School Disentis runs for 3 ½ hours, including a half-hour break. Half-day lessons run for two hours. Start time is 9:30. Group size is typically up to 10. The kids’ lesson start times are staggered so that you can drop off a beginner at the practice slope and still get your more advanced child up onto the mountain in time.

All ages – including adults – get the same low rate for group lessons. Private lessons are available for adults with group sizes of up to five persons, starting at 1 hour. Multi-day adult packages include excursions to Sedrun for the more advanced skiers.

All instructors are technically advanced and take annual training to remain current with the latest advances in skiing technique. The instructors will always give you the best instruction they know how. First and foremost, however, is providing a great experience for you – the school’s number-one focus is on fun for all ages. Happy kids and happy parents are always the goal!

The Snowsport School Disentis also offers snowtubing, cross-country skiing instruction on well-maintained, track-set trails, and powder skiing (using avalanche transceivers and rescue gear).

Lodge Sax would be happy to get your lessons booked for you as part of your stay with us. Or you can contact the school directly: E-mail or call +41 (0) 81 947 57 05