Are you looking for adventure, breathtaking landscape and unforgettable experiences far from red lights, freeways, rush hours, mass-market resorts and crowded mountains? Then you’ve found your special spot: Disentis. It’s truly a hidden jewel in the Swiss Alps.

The village sits in a steep-sided mountain valley at 1,130 meters (3,700 feet] elevation and has about 1,500 people, with some surrounding hamlets increasing this number slightly. The main cable car for the ski area sits slightly outside the main village at the hamlet of Santa Catarina, very close to Lodge Sax. The region around Disentis, the Surselva, enjoys a great reputation for adventurous activities of all kind, but also for silence and quiet contemplation of nature.

German is widely spoken in the valley, but the original language in Disentis is Räto-Romanish, an ancient language derived from Latin. Spoken by less than 1 percent of the Swiss people, Räto-Romanish is often called Switzerland’s secret language. Just a few villages further down the valley, people don’t understand Räto-Romanish anymore.

But if you’re an international visitor, don’t worry! The local people are friendly, English is widely spoken and, above all, in Lodge Sax,we cater to international visitors with English, Swedish, French and German spoken.

Disentis’s recorded history started with the building of the monastery in the early 8th century AD. Disentis-Muster lay on a historical pilgrimage route linking German areas to Rome via the Lukmanier Pass, and Disentis was even visited by Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor, in AD 800.  Over the centuries, the monastery was twice burnt to the ground. The Abbey was rebuilt in a magnificent Baroque style in the late 1600s, while the village was gradually built up as we know it today. The Abbey continues to function and also operates a well-regarded secondary school.

The word Disentis is Latin and comes from Desertina, which means desert (in the sense of empty or unpopulated). The second name is Mustér, which has its origin in the Latin word for monastery.

Make Disentis your basecamp and discover great spots like the source of the Rhine River and our region’s Alps with all their breathtaking scenery, glaciers, forests, flowers and wildlife!