There’s no end of things worth seeing in and around Disentis. The most impressive are of course the dozens of mountains around the village. They offer a range of options for climbing, hiking, biking, riding cable cars and lifts, driving/riding the train, or just having a coffee, glass of wine or beer on our terrace and marvelling at your stupendous surroundings.

Disentis is also very near the source of the Rhine, one of Europe’s two largest and most important rivers. The Rhine flows down the valley that links Disentis to the city of Chur, Canton Graubuenden’s capital. A drive of just 10 minutes by car followed by a pleasant hike brings you to the beautifully situated source of the Rhine – the Lai de Toma, a jewel-like small alpine lake surrounded by mountains. This is a great one-day adventure.

Disentis Abbey is an old Benedictine monastery whose origins go back to the 8th or even the 7th century AD. Suffering damage and destruction by fire twice over its long history, the Abbey was rebuilt in the late 1600s in an opulent Baroque style. Today’s Abbey is a huge building with a school and a restaurant. With its great architecture, prominent role and long history, it counts as our region’s most important cultural treasure.

Exclusive. Amazing. Unique. Zai Skis are truly one-of-a-kind. Designed by Disentis local Simon Jacomet and produced in his own factory in Disentis, the Räto-Romansch name means “tough”. Jacomet is a true visionary who has combined materials rarely used in ski manufacture with his lifelong experience in skiing design (which included breakthrough freeride models for Salomon) and his eternal passion for the sport of skiing. Visits to the Zai facility can be arranged. The ski’s producers will reveal – nearly – all their secrets about how they produce those fantastic skis, and they’ll show you their lineup and talk about which model might be right for you.

A unique highlight in our region is the Plain of Greina. This protected, high alpine plateau of ponds, wildflowers and small streams surrounded by mountains is absolutely worth a visit. It’s a hike of about 4 hours. There you’ll find a little mountain hut, the Terri, where you can have a break or even overnight and spend one or more days climbing the surrounding peaks.