They say good things come to those who wait. Seeing the giant flakes falling down thick and straight out the Lodge Sax window – the way Mike Wiegele used to describe the snowfalls in Blue River, B.C. – not only validates the aphorism but makes me feel very lucky to be here in Disentis, Switzerland.

Before I go any further, a special thanks to visiting photographer Adam Klingeteg and pro skier William Larsson for the incredible visual feast attached to this blog.

The skiing is almost indescribably good right now. The daily chatter from our guests, staff and favourite mountain guides is a cacophony of superlatives run together with run names and total verticals.

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The word and phrase torrent is music to my ears. The fact that everyone who’s going even an inch off the pistes is finding great pow and feeling like the king of the mountain gives you an idea what it’s like right now.

Basically, starting last week we got a bit of snow, then we got a bit more, then we got quite a lot, then a big dump down to village elevation. And then it kept right on going. For the past week or so, each morning has either brought knee- to thigh-deep blower, or a refresher that fills in the previous day’s tracks.

Whether you love to pound easy-access laps off the same couple of lifts to rack up vertical, or you’re after some of the classic peak-to-valley runs that drop 4,000-5,000 vertical feet without an uphill step right next to a T-Bar, or you want to bag some of the “king lines” that require a bit of planning and effort, it’s all prime.

The recent snows have established our base, covered the rocks, repaired the valley exits and brought us into mid-winter conditions. The conditions we’ve been waiting for all winter.

The forecast: More snow tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday, a couple of brighter days late in the week, and back to snowfall on the weekend. We waited. Now it’s as good as skiing gets, anywhere on the planet. This is our time!